NOTE - VIEWER CAUTION ..... This site contains images of people and animals from around the world. It includes animal hunts and kills as well as people from various primitive cultures in native tribal dress. These images may not be suitable for young viewers.


Photography is my "family hobby". Like many people, I have always liked taking pictures and for years shot Minolta film cameras ….. took the picture, put it in a box and hung a few on the wall. In 2010, a three-week trip to Africa with four family members changed my world. The trip, which included four safari camps in the Okevango Delta of Botswana and one in South Africa, was fabulous and I fell in love with Africa and photography.

Since that first trip I have switched to Canon and photography has become a real family affair. My three sons share my passion for photography and travel and my wife, Paula, my daughter and a couple of my eight grandchildren have also gotten into the act. I enjoy all facets of photography but wildlife is my passion ….. from insects to Silverback Gorillas.

In the past seven years I have had the privilege of visiting over 100 different safari camps in thirteen Africa countries and have done over 400 game drives. And ..... I just can't wait for my next trip.


If you are contemplating a safari trip and have any questions, I would welcome the opportunity to be of help.

Thank you for visiting my site and hope you enjoy it.

Paul C. Runze